What is the best online money making business for 2018?

Well, 10 years ago, I was likely where you are now. I was looking for a way to make money online bankrupt young man

and yes, I was a noob. In this post I will talk to you about the reasons, pros and cons why I think this is the best online money making business.

With  confidence I can say today that you need 3 to 6 months to start making decent money online and not 5 to 10 years like when I started.


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That was before there were any websites with tools like the one that I’ll reveal shortly. It takes all the aches and mistakes out of online business.


How I got here.

I have been looking for opportunity to make money online for years. If you have done the same, you can likely agree that it is one of the hardest things to find the right place to start.

Don’t get me wrong; there are millions of sites that claim to make it big and they lure you into buying their secrets or joining the party for x amount, and that is where it all ends.

Believe me, I scratched and surfed and looked and searches through thousands of fake opportunity websites, I tried some – to no avail.

Sounds familiar? If it does, you are definitely very fortunate. On my website, you won’t find any lures and money making rackets.

This is the place where you get the real thing, the truth about 

online money making businesses, what works, why it works, how it works and above all, you will get all the assistance you can possibly imagine to carry you into making YOUR business work.

This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. If you want to make millions in 6 months, better look somewhere else.

When you are tired of all the gimmicks, come back and read further. If it sounds reasonable to earn between $1000 and 10000 a month, after one year of committed hard work and then go up from 10000 to 50000+ in the second year, you have found the place you were looking for.

What online money is all about.

To start with, this online money making business is rather a formula than a business. The interesting part is, this formula works for hundreds and thousands of people and websites that are

already earning good money online for the minimum effort.

When I say “minimum effort” I don’t mean doing nothing while the dollars roll in, I mean that for the amount of work you do, the pay is phenomenal and in most cases, the hard work is done in the first year and then you start to relax.


The pros and cons of this online business.

The cons:

  • It is not a get rich quick scheme (I don’t think such thing really exists -not without HUGE RISK)
  • You need t o do some work.
  • You need to persist (don’t give up when it looks like it doesn’t work, the breakthrough is usually around the next corner.)

The pros:

  • Persistence ALWAYS pays off in this business.
  • It is fun to do (you’re NEVER alone).

  • You join a great community of like minded people.
  • It is FREE (not like “please give your credit card details and and and…. yeah right”).
  • It is proven and has worked perfectly for over 12 years to date.
  • You only need a laptop or PC and you’re away.
  • You can work at your own pace or join a team and run with them.
  • Your financial freedom awaits you.


The Catch!

If you have some experience with website building and SEO, likely you will learn enough on the

FREE deal to make some reasonable dollar from your website. However, if you want to learn everything from scratch, some fees come into play.

I guess it is only fair to pay people a little for a lot of effort that they put in to make you successful, agree?

Still you can start for FREE and later decide if you need extra bits and pieces to take you where you would like to be.

You will also have a great opportunity to hear what the other online buddies are saying once you get to the bottom of this post.

Why  I did this website.

Many people ask that question – why will this person waste all the time building a website to tell others how to make money for free?

To be honest, I believe that the kind of people that are interested in the way I am sharing my experiences are the kind of people like myself.

They are serious about the best ways to making money online.

They have come a long way and are quite fed up with all the scams out there.

They are not searching for a scheme any more.

They want to build a solid lasting income.

They want to be free from a physical shop where you have to spend your days.

They likely love traveling.

I find it hard to let you fall into another bottomless pit scam. Because I have been there myself, I know what it is like and will do a lot to avoid the trauma for another to go down that same track. Also, I am obsessed to get back at the scammer scumbags for all the money they rip off people. It gives me great satisfaction when I can get someone into their own proper business, knowing that they have been saved from the wolves – it is much like saving a life.

The facts.

You can sometimes make money by filling out surveys, selling photos via Shutterstock, go into multi-level-marketing schemes and so on.

But one thing is fact, the guys OWNING the websites, make the money. So, it is actually quite simple. The secret formula: Be the site owner, be the BOSS, be the moneymaker and let others do the paying and buying. Does that sound like common sense to you?

There is an opportunity to speed up your progress if you struggle, by paying for extra assistance either in software or personal training.

What you get.

When you join the club, you get nothing, except the best online money making business 

opportunity ever.

If that is what you want, click the arrow and a new world will open up for you, like it did for me. Keep you head up, never give up and hope to see you smiling like me soon.  



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