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Have you ever thought of how many dis-likable things there are that you would not have to do anymore when you are earning enough money after starting in online business?


Dis-likable things

Let’s make a list of some

  1. Get up early in the morning to go to work.Sad dpg
  2. Sit in the traffic on the way to work.
  3. Queue at the shop counters after pay day because pay day
  4. same for lots of people.
  5. Live from hand-to-mouth because pay is only enough to keep you alive.
  6. Beg for leave
  7. Weekend work
  8. Always buy the cheapest because of lack of funds.
  9. Rashion yourself on many luxuries like nice food and great vacations.
  10. Say no to invitations due to lack of time or funds.
  11. stunning expensive diamond ringEat the cheap unhealthy stuff because organic food is above your budget.
  12. Drool over that new bicycle, motorbike, car, RV, airplane, smart phone, drone, camera, gorgeous evening dress, exceptional diamond ring, stunning shoes, new zero-turn mower, holiday home at the beach and whatever else that you just cannot ever seem to afford.
  13. Stunning evening dressNo money to give to the poor and needy because you are one of them yourself.

Do you realize what impact point 10 has on one’s life? Take a few minutes and google something like “what is in our food”. You will find some hair-raising facts.

What this means in the long run is that you ARE going to get health issues and eventually the medical system will walk away with all your savings and some, leaving your family indebted to them after you’ve left the planet due to your illnesses.

It is such a vicious circle that people tend to overlook. Some people do the ostrich thing by burying their heads in the sand and hope the predators don’t see you.

When you become interested in starting online business, internet marketing, owning a website or just earning money online, it is necessary to ponder these things because most of these can be part of your motivation to keep going and help you through the tough days.

By tough days I mean that making money online is not like opening a tap that spouts gold. It will take effort and persistence.


Life in a short time from now

Let us make a list of what life will be like when you can afford EVERYTHING you want.

  1. You decide on when you get up and when you go to bed. Not dictated by the job dependencySmiling girl giving thumbs up sign anymore.
  2. You decide what time you go where to avoid traffic or even fly instead of going by car.
  3. Having money in your account all the time means NO MORE QUEUEIGN at any counters
  4. No more counting pennies to make ends meet. You want something, you have it.
  5. You are on PERMANENT LEAVE – Internet is everywhere. Follow my lead and you will be able to look after your   website from almost anywhere in the world.
  6. You decide about weekends. It is yours.
  7. You buy the best because of ample funds available all the time.
  8. Indulge in some luxuries you always yearned for like that 5 star resort holiday or that cruise ship vacation.
  9. Not only can you accept that invitation to join some friends for a great time out but you can even sponsor some events and be somebody for a change.Healthy girl exersizing
  10. Eat only what you approve of, no matter the cost. (Your health is EVERYTHING).
  11. No more drooling forever. Only drool over the new bicycle, motorbike, car, RV, airplane, smart phone, drone, camera, gorgeous evening dress, exceptional diamond ring, stunning shoes, new zero-turn mower, holiday home at the beach and whatever else for the time it takes you to go get it.
  12. You can be generous and sow some of your income to organizations that look after poor and needy people. This is a very satisfying ability when you get into the big earnings.


What you need currently:

1. House

2. Transport

3. Food

4. Clothing

5. Skill

6. Income to pay for 1,2,3 and 4.


Do you realize that even if you could earn 3 times the money you are earning now, the company will not pay you that much. Why?

Because if you earn that much, you may be able to save up untilpoor hardworking man

you don’t need them any longer for your daily needs. This means that you can get up and go anytime you like.

They don’t have a hold on you anymore. So, the longer they can keep you poor, the longer they own and rule over you. What is that different to slavery?

Let me divulge my own story. I had my own business doing fairly well.

However, I needed so much money to increase my stock-on-hand that all the profit I made, went straight back into more stock.

Now, one may eventually reach the place where you have enough stock to take some dollar home, yet it was still far away.

Besides, when you carry that much stock and a slump hits, (like in 2010), chances are you won’t survive it.

This is one of many reasons I got out of it and straight into online business.


Let’s look at the differences

Own Business

I could sell all my stock and the warehouse. This means NO BIG RISK when a slump comes along. It also means no more insurance and no stressing about possible break-ins while you try to sleep at

man doing all by himself

night. I had to race around to auctions to keep up the stock levels. Many times you left with nothing.

It consumed massive chunks of time from your day for which your efforts were fruitless. (Some things cannot be left in the hands of others. You HAVE TO do it yourself.)

Internet Business

My potential client base increased from around 5 million population in the city to about 4 Billion potential clients on Internet.

Internet is constantly growing. More and more people are buying online due to the major decrease in online fraud through reputable finance companies.

More and more people are becoming computer-literate.

More places are getting Internet services. Connection speeds are constantly upgraded, none of which is costing you a penny, yet your online business is reaping the benefits all the time.

Then on top of all these benefits, you have people with truly open hearts in certain online communities.

You enter into a different world all together. One of the first things that you will encounter is aPuzzled person wonders why I divulge these secrets

question in your own mind – something like this: “why are they doing it?” or ” What is in it for them?”.

I battled with this same question for quite a while.

This is normal, because it is hard to fathom why people will try to assist you to make money while there is seemingly no benefit in it for them.

I used to think: “If it is as easy as they say, why are they not just keeping it to themselves and make all the money.

I eventually found the answer. It works like this: You spend your time assisting many people to change their lives for the better and in return your own life change for the better.

It seems like a natural law – almost like the second law of thermodynamics or the law that says “Nobody will leave this life alive” so make the best of it!

It is simply one of those things that you cannot change – just do it and see it work. The beset part is that you become a better person along the way.

You start looking at people differently. People people helping each other

become friends more easily instead of enemies. They all start helping each other to make it better and bigger. People freely share the secrets they learn.

One might think, hey, that is going to create competition for yourself, isn’t it?

Well, when looking at the size of the Internet, whether there is 1 website or 100 websites doing EXACTLY the same as you, chances are that it will rather increase your revenue by having a greater visibility than decreasing it due to sharing with others. That seems to be the way Internet operates.

You can have a million websites but without people visiting them, you have no income. So, get the word out.

Get people to join in. Get more feet on the Net. Get your friends out of debt. (People without money cannot buy much.) If I can assist 500 people to become financially self-sufficient, I have a potential GOOD customer base of 500 happy people that like me because I helped them.

How much work did I do to find them? They found me sitting on the beach with my laptop from where I just give my honest experience to them on this piece of digital paper.

If someone shares his lotto winnings with you, are you going to be nasty to them? Any idea what it feels like to have thousands of people loving you for what you did for them? You’ll go a long way to get more satisfaction. This is the people helping people business.


How to start in online business

Now you will understand why I spent my time divulging all these secrets to you without reserve. The biggest secret is this: Concentrate on helping others to get what they want and you will in turn be able to get what you want.

I know what you want – freedom (That includes money). I know the way to help you get what you want. Been there, done that.

This community is very security conscious and don’t like hackers and scammers, so for your benefit, you will need to register your name and email. That is all. No further questions to you.

If you have any questions, you can use the “comment” field below and I will endeavor to answer you as soon as possible. If you like what you find in our community, be so kind as to leave a comment below.

That will bring more feet to this post and help more people to find what you found. In truth, by doing that, you have already contributed to your own online business without having done much yet.

What you will find in this community is an amazing forum where you can find out everything you need to know – from building your own website and getting it rolling to what is the best cat food under a certain price.

There are amazing tools and training put together by 2 of the best affiliate marketers on the web, Kyle and Carson. Meet them online and get a piece of their minds for free. These guys have done it successfully for many years. What they cannot tell you is very likely not worth knowing.


The website is called “Wealthy Affiliate”. Don’t let that scare you though. Affiliate marketing is only but one of the avenues you can explore.

They also teach you how to build a WordPress website in a very short time, what to look out for, what not to do and what works best. They likely have all the answers in one place you can ever dream of. I hope you enjoy your visit and get hooked on freedom.


Be you own boss at last

If it sounds like the stressles kind of life you would like to live, the kind of friends you would like toWoman relaxing

have, the kind of things you would like to do, the kind of places you would like to visit or the kind of freedom you would like to enjoy, you can have a free sneak peak by clicking this button.

Sneak peek

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you can look back in 6 months and say the same as me: “It was worth the read 1000 times over”. May you be blessed in your hunt for freedom.

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