Online Jobs Home Without Investment and Crypto Trading

An online job from home with no investment, sounds like a fairy tale.

If you want to see this fairy tale become a reality, follow me through this post. You may have found what you were looking for all along. I will also go in depth to show you how to look at a website and how to consider it for legitimacy.


No time to waste here, so let’s get on with it and look at the first possibility:

Data Entry

typing on laptop

For the best Data Entry jobs, I found the best place to start is your local paper or job advertising websites. Mostly you will be paid the legal minimum remuneration per hour. In New Zealand I know that the minimum rate is approximately $18/Hour (NZ$). You may find however that there are lots of entrants to compete with before you actually get the job.

Things to consider

There is NO residual income.

You get paid only for every hour you work.

You may negotiate to get paid per project so that you can actually work from home.

Once the job is over, you start from scratch looking for the next one.


Copy and Paste

This is a real simple job, copying data from one place and pasting into a document.

Things to consider

These jobs are scarce.

There are many scams luring people with this bait. They will try to get you to “buy-in” and disappear with your money.

Pay is meager in most cases.

There is NO residual income.

You get paid only for every hour you work or job you complete.

Once the job is over, you start looking for the next one.


Survey Forms

You are supplied with forms online that needs completing. On these forms you are asked lots of questions that need your honest answers. Many times you may receive questions of which you don’t have the foggiest idea about.

Things to consider

It can take a lot of concentration and can get quite frustrating and time-consuming.

You may not have a constant flow of work.

You may get inundated with work the next moment that has a deadline which is impossible to reach.

Payment is not guaranteed. It is at your own risk.

Payment is often in the form of “Gift Cards”.

Here is a Survey website that you can look at for more info.


Captcha Entry

This is a very easy job and very popular these days. Certain companies want to register en-masse on certain websites but are stopped by the Captcha system. What they do is, they send you the captcha screen, you complete the captcha and send it back. That way, the registration can proceed.

Things to consider

These are seldom legal registrations.

The time to complete the captcha can be very limited before it expires. If the captcha is not successful, your payment may be at stake.

You can get paid from 50c to $2.00 for every 1000 captchas completed. (Do the math: 1 captcha every 30 seconds = 1000 captchas x 30 seconds = 30 000 seconds = 8.3 Hours) So, it can take you the whole day to earn 50c!shocked expression

If it goes well and you get 4 captchas done per minute, you can earn 50c to $2 every 4 hours. I honestly cannot see how anyone living in a 3rd world country can do that profitably. Maybe in a 4th world country where the average income is $1/day you will be doing well (don’t know where you will find a laptop and power though).

There is another site advertising $20 for every 500 captchas. How legit they are, I don’t know. Let’s do the math again. If it takes 20 seconds each (receiving, completing and sending) you can do 3/minute. This equates to 3 x 60 = 180/hour. In 3 hours you can maybe do 180 x 3 = 540. That can give you around $60 for 9 hours of work taking into account you need to get up to eat etc etc.

Again, once the job is done, you start looking for the next job. No residual income.

Here follows a screenshot from the video. Look at the promises “Per Captcha entry you get @20 USD”


Really? What the presenter says is different. He says you are paid $20 for 500 Captchas successfully completed.

Let’s look at some more discrepancies from a snapshot on their website:

Hmmmm, he never said anything about a joining fee! Let’s think about this….I work for them and earn money for them. What is the joining fee for? Why do I have to pay them first and then they pay me? Any sense in that? I don’t think so.

Suddenly the  amount per 500 captchas on the website came down from $20 to $10. For an expert it is $14. Yeah right.

Looking at the previous picture, it shows @200 per month. In the pic above, you are limited to $100 per month payout. Dodgy or what?

If this is legit, I am the man on the moon.

Here you can See the video for yourself and here you can see the website for yourself. Never believe anything unless you have verified it!


Crypto Currency Trading

(Minor investment needed depending on your plans)

Woooooo, this is hot stuff at the moment! It sounds so lucrative. I wouldn’t even have tried after my investigation if it wasn’t for my brother giving me a few alt coins for free. So I was pushed into it, just to realize……

I was excited at the start after hearing lots of stories of people making big dollar with Crypto Currency Trading. So, I invested a considerable amount of time to get behind the “How To” of it. What I found was the following:

There are over 1500 different currencies all over the place. You can trade certain currencies only at certain exchanges (websites made for trading). You have to give very personal sensitive data to rergister on these exchanges which is good and bad.

Good, because it is more secure;

Bad, because you can get seriously scammed and ripped off if your details get stolen or sold.

Things to consider

Hackers are constantly trying to hack these sites. Bitcoin got hacked a while ago and over £28 million were stolen. It almost caused the downfall of Bitcoin. I think what saved it was merely the millions of people still owning Bitcoin and some invested thousands and couldn’t afford to lose it.

So, you have to spend a lot of time making sure you register with a legit exchange with a super good track record and even that is NO GUARANTEE!. You are still stuck with only their available currencies on that exchange. It can cost a currency maker up to 1 million USD or more to have his currrency listed at a popular exchange. This is likely to keep the fly-by-nights at bay.


As I learned more and more about this game, the excitement quickly wore off. I realized a couple of big potholes that most traders seem to overlook and get burned by. After doing some trading myself, I put an article together in which I explain in detail how it works and what to be very careful of, not the run-of -the-mill stuff. It gives one a different perspective of Crypto Trading which is necessary and relevant for every Crypto Hunter.

I considered selling the book but at the moment you can read it for free on my website. All I ask is your name and legit email address to try and cover for scammers and thieves. If you would like to read it just register below and a password will be emailed to you with which you can access the document online.

Affiliate Marketing

Are you tired of the very words “affiliate marketing”? I got tired of it long ago and gave up on it too. However, one good morning, I decided to look into it again and found all the answers I have been looking for in online jobs from home. Investment was a big consideration because I was pretty broke at the time and very allergic to websites looking for money “up-front” like the Captcha Scam we looked at above.

Things to consider

So, after serious investigation and consideration, I compared it to most other legit online businesses and jobs. I did the “Benjamin Franklin”.  It is a great way to assist you in getting a clear picture to make an informed decision.

This is what it looks like

Affiliate marketing is different from most other online jobs in 2 ways:

1. You do not necessarily earn visible tangible income from day one (although it is possible in a few cases).

2. You are building a massive residual income from day one.

Also for this avenue, if you would like to pursue it, I have put an easy read book together that will assist you in staying on track and reaching your destination faster. It contains the Seven Super Secrets to Affiliate Marketing Success.

Again, it is still free at the moment. Register with a legit email address and get the password in your inbox to open the document.

I hope this post was worth the read to you as it was to me doing all the research, trials and writing. If you got anything worthwhile from this writing that took me hours and hours of research and tials and tests, will you mind leaving a free comment to show your appreciation?

To make it easy, you can just say a few words about the bit that was most interesting to you and tell us which country/town you are from. It will be greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you at the top soon.

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  1. Hi! I was reading one of your posts concerning niche sites and you suggested there that I should take a look at Crypto trading. I have been intrigued by it for quite a long time. I greatly respect your site and have obtained valuable information here, so I’m excited to read your approach concerning Cryptocurrencies.

    As you have asked at the end of this post to mention what country we come from: I’m from Venezuela and still live here.

    Cryptos is a trending topic. And I want to read your book, so I’ve submitted my name and email in the fields above. I appreciate we can read the book online and that it doesn’t need to be downloaded. I’m eager to read, I have just received the password.

    1. Hi Henry, glad to have you back. Please let me know if that password gives a problem so that I can rectify it. Once you have read it, you will likely be able to make an informed decision. Wishing you well on your way to the top.

      Kind regards

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