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Why wait, join affiliate marketing today.

Every day you postpone is a day later to the start of your earnings.

Have you been considering Affiliate Marketing? Have you ever tried it before? Whether you have or not, you have just boarded the spaceship to freedom.

I am not promoting “get-rich-quick” if that is what you have in mind. I am promoting “get-rich-as-quick-as-you-can”. The difference being that the latter contains a “YOU” which means it requires some work and is guaranteed where the former is nothing but a daydream and a foofie.


Why join affiliate marketing today?

My next question is likely very obvious: WHY NOT? The reason for that is obvious too. The longer you hang in limbo, the longer it is going to take you to get anywhere in affiliate marketing.

If you join today and work hard for 3 months, you can start reaping already. There are some of us that already made thousands in the first year – I stress again – not without hard work.

Car parked in field

On the other hand, I don’t want to over stress the “Hard Work” either.

It is far less hard than what most people do for a boss. I used to work like a slave for peanuts as a mobile mechanic, servicing cars in the wind, rain and storms in the most awkward places imaginable: on the roadside, in the stinking dump-yard, in dirty muddy paddocks, in parkades littered with noise and exhaust fumes.

What a way to earn peanuts!

If you compare that to affiliate marketing, working from home (or rather ‘at

home’), in front of the fireplace in winter, or outside, next to the barbecue in summer or even on the beach or cruise ship while on vacation.



of a toolbox and dirty oil cans, I now only need a laptop and Internet access.

What a pleasure to have clean hands and a comfortable chair to work from.

Four basic skills

You need to have 4 basic skills to be able to do affiliate marketing though. The first being able to read, the second being able to write, the third being able to think and the fourth be able to persist.

Do you have those skills by any chance? The most important is persistence. You are most likely going to reach a point where you feel, “I’ve had enough, this doesn’t work”. That is where the greatest affiliate marketing website comes in to play.

They are Wealthy Affiliate. When you’re down, there are people that will cheer you up, when you’re sad, they’ll make you smile and when you need

assistance, there is no shortage of help whatsoever.

It is definitely one of the most caring environments available on the Internet to help you make it. Without them, well, you can try it on your own.

But if you agree that time is money, you won’t want to waste it.

To join affiliate marketing today is as easy as clicking the link, register for free and get to know the bunch. That is exactly what I did, but quite some time ago.

That is why I am not sitting wondering anymore. Once you’ve joined the forum or chat, you will know that you know that it is the best place to be if you want to make it big in affiliate marketing.


What about my job?

Needless really to say, but another great feature is that you don’t have to kick your employer immediately. Do this affiliate job after-hours until your earnings are 

at a comfortable level. Many have done it that way, although, jumping in the deep end usually gets you swimming much quicker.

If the risk is too big when you have lots of overheads and responsibilities, it may be better taking the slow start.

Whichever way you prefer, once you click the link, you will meet Team Ice Cream with Gordon (that’s me) and Sharlee.

Once you have created your account, we’d be thrilled to hear from you. Find us in the search bar by entering “Teamicecream”.

If you need a little more info before you would like to make your decision, please check out the other posts.

Hope to see you at the top soon!

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