Is Crypto Trader a Scam

Is Crypto Trader a Scam or Not.

If you are looking for the quick and easy way to determine if Crypto Trader is a scam or not, try my 2-click magic trick. I divulge a simple and easy way anyone can determine the truth for themselves.

Here is the main heading that they use to lure you in:
Government of New-Zealand SHAKEN By Discovery of Underground Banking System – Yeah Right!

Here is the website address:

Here is a snapshot of “Daniel”, the supposed fundi on Crypto Trader answering all your questions:



No time to waste

I am not going to waste your or my time with this nonsense, so here is the way to check it for yourself if you feel the need. I suggest 2 clicks should suffice, however it is up to you.

  • Go to the web address above.
  • Go to the very bottom of the page.
  • In the fine-print is a link to their “TERMS”. When you click on it, it does not take you  to the “Terms” page, but it reloads the website and leave you at the top where you started.
  • If you scroll down to where the private comments begin, you find a counter that is stuck on 116344 comments.
  • If you click on it to go to the comments, the page reloads and leave you again at the top where you started or they send you to another page with a video of their scam.
  • If you try to post a comment and click on “Log in”, nothing happens.
  • Most of the commenters do not exist on Facebook when you click their names.
  • When you click a photo, it takes you to the webpage with the video ad.

By this time, if it is not an obvious scam to you, keep reading:

Next to the 166344 Comments is a field that says “Sort by: Top”

If you click the dropdown, guess where are you going? Yes, that’s right, to the page with the video, hahahaha.

Then there is a line below the first few comments that says: Show 10 more replies in this thread

If you click on it to see 10 more replies, guess where are you going? Yes, you’re right!

Here is a snapshot of some of the comments:

Crypto Trader

Still not enough yet?

Right at the bottom of the page in the fine-print is a link to the “Disclaimer”. Do I need to say any more than just that at this stage? I’m sure you know the rest of the sentence….

At the bottom of the page is a Daily Newsfeed link. Now, complete the sentence and win a free Crypto Trader subscription :)) …….

At the bottom of the page is a link that says “Facebook Comments Plugin”. This is a real link to the Facebook Comments Plug-in configuration which is not helping anyone anything.



At the top of the page on the right side is a news feed. Guess where you go when clicking any of those? Wow, you’re really good at this now!

Do the same with the links at the top of the page and see where it takes you: BUSINESS CULTURE GADGETS FUTURE STARTUPS.

Try to click “Reply” on one of the posts or Click the “Like” button. If it is not obvious to anyone by now where that will take you, I don’t think I can help you.

When you listen to the video, you will find it so obvious that the speeches were cut in exactly the

right places to make it sound like the big guys (Bill Gates, Richard Branson etc) are condoning the scam. Bill and Richard was talking about Bitcoin – not any trading scam, and believe me, there is a humongous difference between the two.

The one question you should always ask: What is in it for them that they want me to join?
Think of it this way: If you found a way to make money that easy, will you throw it out there to every man and his dog to get rich or will you get rich yourself first?
When you do a Google search on, you find all sorts of interesting things. There was a college in Colombia called Veluwana College. At a quick glance, it looks like they used to own the website since 2006 but let it lapse and the Crypto Trader scammers grabbed it for a different
See this snapshot of the Veluwana College facebook page.
Veluwana-Krypto-Trader Scam
When searching on Google for “Crypto Trader Scam”, you find a website in the top position that seems to be another scam:
I haven’t yet investigated them in depth but already found a few suspicious things on their website. They try to make Crypto Trader look legit but not very profitable and then try and sell you their own option of robot trading which is apparently the real thing.
Their one robot trader link takes you to a suspicious website:
At the bottom of the page is an illegitimate modified picture of the “Trusted Website” signs but it is grayed out with no links. The VeriSign emblem is modified to contain a “Thumbs-up” inside instead of a √.
See snapshot here:


Crypto Trader complies 100% with a cheaply slapped together Scam website.  I went even further and contacted 2 commenters via facebook regarding their comments on the Crypto Trader website but haven’t received any replies yet – and I’m not going to hold my breath…

For anyone that would like to make real money online, follow this post on my website which may interest you: How to make money online

A last bit of info for the Super Sceptic

This whole scam is a revamped old scam. Here is a snapshot from over a year ago when it made the rounds. Note the picture, headings and names in the write-up are the same as in the new scam:

recycling scams

When clicking on any link, you end up at
So they altered the name from Bitcoin-Trader to CryptoTrader for this round. It comes with exactly the same video and content.
All I can say is “What a laugh”.
I guess for those that fell for the scam it is rather “What a mess”.
It is so important to do proper investigation before investing in any Internet “thing” esppecially where very little or no work is involved. Remeber the old saying “If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is!”
So if you still want to earn online, here is the link again for legitimate online income:
That’s it from me for now. Hope to see you at the top!




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