How to Learn and Earn – 7 Super Secrets

Have you ever thought of studying, graduating and starting a career? Let us look at the issues involved, the ROI (Return on Investment), the time, costs and heartaches. Then we will look at the best way to learn and earn at the same time.

What Is The Problem

Once you leave school, the world is like an unexplored jungle filled with opportunities, traps, danger, fun and friendships. The one thing you become aware of very quick is that you are on your own, you have to fend for yourself and makeyour own decisions.

In a sense it may sound a little unfair, however, seeing  that everyone in life eventually get to this stage, don’t feel alone. We have been there and survived it. Some of us were much more lucky than others. If you are reading this, consider yourself a chosen one in millions that will never find this post and never find the golden opportunity you are approaching.

Had I found it when I started out, I would’ve been another 30 years and many millions of dollars ahead. But even so, I will never look back. I am giving you now what took me many years to find. I can just hope that whoever reads this, will realize the potential and good fortune of coming across this well kept secret information.

Before giving you the 7 super secrets, we need to explore the issues mentioned above to get things into perspective.

Let us look at the “run of the mill, learn and lose” systems.

Join a college or univeristy


1. You may have a sponsor/bursary

2. Almost certain you will find a job IF you pass

3. Your mom and dad will be proud of you


1. Without a sponsor/bursary you pay all the way from day one for board and lodging, fun and games, transport etc etc.

2. Even with a sponsor/bursary you are obliged to pay back or work back when your time is up.

3. You may find yourself over or under qualified for the job when getting into the mill.

4. You need a vehicle, house and everything else to keep up with the Jones’s.

5. You need credit cards and bank loans to make ends meet – not that it really makes ends meet…

6. You are stuck in one place working for a company that sucks every bit of profit from your efforts.

7. You get a meager 20 days leave per year.




1. A tad better than college or uni because you are getting paid the minimum salary while getting trained.


1. You need to sign a contract to work back.

2. Income is meager

3. You will most likely reach your income ceiling within 5 years and stay on the same salary for the next 10 to 20 years. (I am talking from experience – been there , done that).

4.You have to dance to the beat of the drum set by the company – you are basically “sold out” – none of your own decisions from 8am to 5pm. Do as you’re told.


Your own Internet business


  1. Total freedom (of course not without commitment to do what is needed).
  2. Permanent leave! You can work while at the beach, in an airplane, in a tour bus, in the hotel room anywhere in the world. You don’t even need an Internet connection all the time. It is such a flexible business that you can do the work and upload your posts etc on another day when- and wherever it is convenient. I have written this post over several days without connecting to my website until it was almost done.
  3. You pay for board and lodging only until your business takes off. Form then on, you just keep things ticking over.
  4. You can have the house, vehicle, boat, RV and everything else the Jones’s have.
  5.  No need for asistance from a credit card or bank.
  6. All profits are yours. No bludger company that acts like a bottomless pit. You can keep the bank going, not the other way around.
  7. Minimum overheads.
  8. No staff (yet) depending on how big you want to grow your business…
  9. Qualifications are for the birds. You don’t need ANY



  1. You need to be able to survive for 3 t0 9 months before you start earning. This all depends on the time/effort you invest in your own online business.

Well, I can’t think of anything else worth mentioning here. If you can, please leave a comment and I’ll consider it for this list.


The Catch!

Somehow, over the last century with the industrial boom, people got so used to the 8 to 5 job thing that they seem to have forgotten completely what life was like 150 and 300 years ago. Everyone did his own thing. Most people had a piece of land growing fruit and veges for live stock. You were free to decide over  your own life.

Lately, the industry mindset crept into society like a stealth cancer that fogged the minds of the working class.  Here, where I stay, it is normal to have a car or 2, a house, a boat and lots of other stuff, all on credit. It is normal for people to leave their homes at 6am and return again at 6pm  working for a company just to keep the bank off their backs. They live absolutely from hand to mouth. Many of my colleagues could not survive a week without pay. There was literally nothing left of their income to save.

What is the use of having a million dollar house and you only spend 12 hours of the day in it, of which 8 hours you are fast asleep? Why have a boat worth 50 thousand dollars and you hardly find the time to use it? All of that just to keep up with the Jones’s?? To me, that is total madness.

I did the job thing for a few years and then started my own business selling used cars. I eventually went from that to selling vacuum cleaners and housewares for big companies. I then started my own housewares company. During this time I managed to buy some property that turned out a good investment some years later but for the amount of effort, hardly worth mentioning.

All along, I knew there was more. So I got started with online business. This is where the rubber meets the tar. This is where I learned the 10 Super Secrets to residual online success. I didn’t just learn it, I applied it. I can now confidently set it out in an e-Book, knowing that it works – for everyone. That is what I will share with you in my free e-Book.


The Solution

If you are considering this business, grab a copy of my 7 Super Secrets and get yourself started on your way to living your dream.

It is available for free at the moment while “stocks last”. Go ahead and get your password emailed to you instantly.

Once you have the password, click this link, enter the password and the 7 Super Secrets will be revealed. (Please keep it secret!)

Seven secrets



By following the 7 secrets, you are guaranteed 100% to succeed. How can I make such a statement? Simply because it worked for me and thousands of others. The only ones it didn’t work for to date are the ones that did not follow the 7 Super Secrets.

The one thing I cannot do is give a time or date for your success because I am not a prophet. What I can do is to give you the averages. Most people start earning at around 6 months and are able to kick the job within another year. If you focus on that, you cannot go wrong. If you put in extra effort, you will earn more or start earning sooner. It all depends on you.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will earn. Every day wasted is one day lost in revenue. It may sound like no big deal to you at the moment, but when your earnings climb by 10% per week, you can’t wait to reach that “job kick” moment when your earnings equal or exceed your job income. For those that start this business before working a job, all I can say is “Lucky you! – I wish I could have done it that way”.


What to do next

If you want to get stuck in right away, I suggest you sign up for the free account and build your free website. If you have your own domain, you can move your newly built website to your domain within 2 clicks. I don’t think it gets any easier than that.

Not yet clued up on domains and other Internet jargon? Read this post!

Once you have devoured the 7 Super Secrets, you can follow this link to kick-start your dream life: link to start your dream

Once you have joined the Wealthy Affiliate website, you can search for “teamicecream”. That is us, Gordon and Sharlee. That way we can welcome you “in person” and have a quick chat. You can also go through the website where I have spent most my time when starting my online businesses. Thanks to the amazing community at Wealthy Affiliate that assisted me in everything I needed to make my dream a reality!

We are looking forward to meeting you and assist you on your way to the top!

See you there!





2 thoughts on “How to Learn and Earn – 7 Super Secrets”

  1. Hi Gordon! Thank you for this very useful post. I appreciate the list of pros regarding an Internet business.

    In connection to what you have stated, I’m excited to comment that I have recently discovered that despite running an Internet business, we don’t need Internet connection all the time.

    This point may seem insignificant for some, but for others having Internet connection all day long will be simply impossible. But we can still run a business online.

    There are so many tasks that don’t require to be online and we can take care of them anywhere. And the most important of these tasks is writing content.

    So there is no excuse if we can’t be online during some periods of the day. We can still work on our business. And leave those certain hours in which we have good Internet connection to upload our work. That’s really cool!

    1. Hi Henry
      I think you’re right. We are spoiled with permanent connection all the time. I think we take it for granted. Hope to see you at the top soon!
      Kind regards

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