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In this post I am getting into the tech details of how exactly your website links to your affiliate and how the payments are done.

We will look at some niche ideas you can explore and use to build your own niches from. I will do a step-by-step breakdown of the actual site building and how to search for good keywords to make your site rank better in the search engines.

This kind of details are normally not available for free however, once you have seen the great tools available on the affiliate site to assist you in earning money online fast, you won’t be able to say NO, so be warned!

Example of a niche

What you see in this picture is a niche. It is something that people like and want and search for.

Knitted hoodies for fruit

However, something like “car spares” and “knitted jerseys” are not niches. To see why, read this post: What is a niche website.

Now you know why these beanies fall into the NICHE category. If it is your passion, then do it! Whatever you are passionate about will make for an easy niche website because you will have fun researching and blogging about the subjects you like and know best.


Dummy Niche Website

These beanies fit a lot of different kinds of fruit.

You can dress up melons, grapefruit, oranges, pineapples, apples, and any other fruit you can fit.


A proper food marking pen is the best to use for creating the faces. According to the manufacturer, the ink is harmless when digested which is especially good if you have children in the vicinity.

You never know when one gets stuck into a melon wearing a beanie!


The eyes are NOT edible, so if you have a potential problem keeping it away from children, rather

use a food marking pen to do the eyes as well. If it is not an issue, the eyes are obtainable in small and large quantities, sizes and various colors with different expressions.

This can make for a real great theme when doing a fruit bouquet or let the children have hours and hours of fun making up fruit faces and taking pictures. When the game is over, the fruit can be eaten.

What easier way for educational fun and a snack all-in-one.

Read about the Best Fruit Faces competition here: (Link to competition page on your website)

You will be amazed at the different looks and expressions you can get by using different eyes in different places on the fruit. Just have a look at this – one young skinny face and one older chubby face with teardrop eyes:
Fruit with googly eyes and smiles

If you are interested in getting any of the products, just click a pic It will take you to the item on Amazon where you can check the prices and order online.



What I have done in the previous paragraph is exactly what you can do with your niche items. It is that easy. Find a niche as explained above, build a website for your niche and Bob’s your uncle.


What are keywords?

Example of search term: “Where can I find fruit beanies”Keywords

Keywords are sort of unique words that people are likely to use when trying to find your niche products. Let me explain in more detail.

Words like “I, can, the, a, to, find” etc are not unique words. It is commonly used in most sentences or search terms on Internet.

The unique ones are the ones defining the product like fruit and beanies. Those are the main keywords in the search term above, although the rest of the words are also taken into account to a lesser degree.

You need these keywords built into your blog post for the search engines to find. To look for the best keywords for your niche, I recommend you use the Jaxxy software.

Jaxxy is very easy to use and comes with free trial and paid versions.

Here is a Jaxxy search box which you can try for free. Type any search terms like “How to build a successful business online” and see what Jaxxy comes up with.

To learn even more about keywords, visit the Wealthy Affiliate site and browse through likely the most comprehensive affiliate and niche marketing site on the net.


What is ranking?


Ranking is your relative position on the list when someone search for your niche product. It is also called SEO which is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.

You may find that you are on page 10 on a Google search for “Fruit beanies”.

Obviously, you would like to be on the first page and even better if you can be in the top 3 or 4 sites listed on the search results page.

To achieve that, you can try all you want but without Jaxxy I don’t think you will get there. That is what I used to rank so that you can get here! Thanks Jaxxy!

What is a blog post?

The paragraph above under “Dummy Niche Website” is an example of a blog post on your niche website. This whole article you are reading now is a blog post in its entirety on my website.

The more posts you can write about your niche, the better. My niche is to inform people how to earn money with online sites. So I write posts about things like “Best website domain hosting”, “Start business from home!”, “Best money making affiliate”, “How to earn money online” and so



It is a much harder subject to compete in and maybe not the best one to start with. That is why I am giving you the example of the niche website above. Use your current hobby or passion to create your niche website.

Links and Payments

You will see that in the “Dummy Niche Website”, I linked the pictures to Amazon. There are many retail sites like Amazon that you can become affiliated with. Amazon is an easy one to start off. They do a lot of the dirty work for you.

You need to create an affiliate account with Amazon which is explained here in details

Once that is done, you can get the html code from Amazon to put on your website which will display the Amazon products that you are promoting. For every product sold through your product links, Amazon gives you a “thank you” consisting of a small percentage of their profits.same price

Note: The customer is not paying an extra cent for the product. The Amazon product price is the same for everyone.

Amazon will send you your share in the way you can choose as explained on their website.

Due to their policy and system changes, it would be a waste of time listing the options here. It may change and then my post will be useless to my website visitors.

Some affiliates use the PayPal system. The best is to find out what systems the retailer offers and research it to make the best choice for you.

This is where I find the Wealthy Affiliate online chat and forum is soooooo helpful especially in the beginning of your online money making career. You can ask any question and rest assured, someone that had the same issue in the past, will give you the relevant answer.

No need to spend days on Internet searching and reading hundreds of forums and posts to try and get the answer.

So now, if there are any more questions you need answers for, just read through the other posts on my website. If that is not answering your questions, try the Wealthy Affiliate site.

To register on Wealthy Affiliate, is free. Check this page for the link to your free account:

Button to create wealthy affiliate account


Site Building

To build your website for online earning, you can use the Wealthy Affiliate Free Website Builder that works on the WordPress platform. This is the easiest and fastest way to do a website.

Siterubix is just another amazing tool one cannot do without when starting in online business today. You can put a website together without having to scratch around and looking for answers. Everything is right at your fingertips.

Another great addition to all of this is simply the fact that you never have to worry about spam and scam. Wealthy Affiliate has got some serious spam and scam blockers on server level.

That means you don’t need it on website level. You are protected when you have your website hosted through them.

If you still do not see the benefit of the Wealthy Affiliate support at this stage, I recommend you try doing it yourself and when you feel like giving up, come back and join us.

Have fun and hope to see you at the top!


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