How to earn money online

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What I am going to disclose in this conversation will give you the basic knowledge to make an Two people collaborating

informed decision whether earning money online is for you or not.

If that is what you’re after, keep reading.

How to earn money online is the BIG question.

I asked this same question for many years, over and over, and found zero, nada, zip, boggerol helpful answers, until one day….

But let me start at the beginning. What happened was, I was working for a major bank on the online banking system way back in 2003.

So I had a good grasp of how things worked. Yet, for the man in the street, there was no easy way. There were no online companies like PayPal for instance.

There was no way for the buyer’s funds to reach the seller’s account. So, along came the online payment companies like PayPal.

Open Door sign

This opened the door for us to enter the online business world.


There were some other drawbacks in those days. You had to be a computer Fundy to build a website – no WordPress and no Wealthy Affiliate website to fling one to the top.

It was a tiring, slow, expensive and complicated process with little buyers online. Then, with HTML, things got better and better. And then came the BIG breakthrough – WordPress.

Wow, with this amazing programming interface for normal people that know nothing about programming, anyone can build a website within days. Once you’ve done one website and know the ins and outs, the next one can take as little as a few hours.

The best part is, it is all FREE. You can acquire a domain name (name for your website on the Internet) for as little as $14 per year. That is the starting point.

As soon as the Domain Name has been acquired, you’re on your way to earning money online.

The next thing is to go to Wealthy Affiliate, register for free and choose a theme for your website on the siterubix platform.

Once that is done, you can tweak and modify the theme to suit your style. Add your products, write your blog, advertise your services or do whatever you want. It is yours.

Many people, like myself, earn a living online and are free to go where and when we want. I love traveling. So the ideal thing is to build a website with which one can do exactly that.

The rest of my post I will devote to answering that very question “how to earn money online“.

I had a retail website with tangible products, I have one with digital products and now I have an affiliate website.

What is the best to have?Which is best?

In my opinion from the experience I gained, I will choose nothing other than affiliate. The reason: Tangible products take away your freedom to travel. It is very time-consuming to order, repack and ship products. You need a lot of space to warehouse some items. You take full responsibility for returns and complaints, out of stock issues and products that disappear in transit. The list goes on.

Digital goods are better in many respects. No travel restrictions, not so time-consuming, no ordering issues, no warehousing. You still have the responsibility to handle all unhappy customers and complaints. There are download issues. Problems with hackers stealing your software etc.

That is what brought me to affiliate marketing where you get rid of the last issues. No download

Full-freedom family on beach in sunset

problems, no customer complaints and no theft of property. You can just be anywhere you want, any time you want and never stress about it. It is by far the closest to full freedom and peace you will find in online business.


There is nothing that I could find that matches affiliate marketing. The one problem remaining is which one to join. There are hundreds of affiliate marketing websites. There are few good ones and very few top ones.

After scrutinizing a few hundred of them, you get a good idea of what to look for in a top affiliate website.


Traits of a top affiliate website

There must be great reviews. They must have an active community with an easy, well-designed interface for asking questions and getting answers.

The owners should be transparent in their business dealings and easily reachable. A good track record is very important.

Success of the owners is an obvious requirement. You cannot learn how to make money online from someone than hasn’t been there and done that.


Where to go from here

Now, you can take your time and start doing what I did. Go to Google and scrutinize a few hundred affiliate marketing websites that specialize in making money online.

Another option is to save yourself a lot of time and hassle and scrutinize the Wealthy Affiliate website which ticks all the boxes and some.

They have been going for almost 12 years – successfully. What these guys have to offer, money can’t 2 Long time friends

buy. Yet, they made it available to people like us for peanuts. They are Kyle and Carson, two long time friends that are an amazing team.

To find out more, I have put a link at the bottom of the post. This is where your choice comes in to play.

Some people that chose to click the link a year ago, are now making enough money online from their own efforts to sustain them better than their jobs could ever do. Some are earning big figures


and many are earning good extra money online every month that


pays the mortgage faster or the

holiday expenses, the kid’s birthday parties, those extra little things like Ice Creams and Fillet Steaks while on vacation,

Elegantly dressed girl wearing pearls



a new pair of shoes and a dress with matching jewelry every month for the ladies that like to dress up,




some extras for the car like mag rims and better tires or just indulge in an easier New Corvette

lifestyle without credit card debt.




If that is the type of life you’re after, here is the way to get there:



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