How to earn money by your blog

Earn money blogging

Earn money blogging

Earning money is not just a popular idea, it is imperative to survive these days. By doing it online, you can actually survive in luxury.

The most important thing, once you have your website up, is blogging.

Eating Ice Cream is Easy

Blogging is as difficult as eating ice cream. What you read here is exactly that.

This is blogging. How to earn money by your blog is the next subject I will discuss in a little more detail.


How to earn money by your blog

You need to get a niche to blog about. If you want to get the low-down about what a niche is, click here:

Once that is done, you start blogging. Google will scrutinize your website and see that you have good original content that is valuable to the reader, just like what you

Blogging on the beach
Blogging on the beach

are reading here now. That will give you a good ranking.

When you have a good ranking, you will get feet or clicks to your website which will turn into revenue as they buy from you or the affiliate site that you represent.

What is good about affiliate blogging is that the customer pays no extra money for the affiliate product.

The affiliate company takes a pinch of their earnings and passes it onto you as a “Thanks for your efforts and the link to our site”.

If you want to get more details or if you have a website that does not make money,  you can get all the answers to all the questions why your site is not making it.

Click the button below and get on your way and start to earn money by your blog.

Please leave a quick comment if you found this helpful. I will really appreciate it and so will Google.

Hope to see you at the top!


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