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Dear friends, how to create a business website free is the subject I will discuss next. There are literally thousands of people that ask this intelligent question every day.

However, it is a very small percentage of them, that will ever see the valuable info I am about to share with you.

If you would like to start in Internet Business or you own a business and would like to create a business website free of charge, you can have a quick look at this simple one

You can create your own website for free. You will need to host the website somewhere though.


What is hosting in laymen terms?

You need a place on the Internet (like a piece of land/real-estate in common terms) where you will create a business website so that Internet users can get to it.

There are people worldwide with BIG computers called servers that are all inter-connected.

They make up the base of the Internet. They sell “Internet real-estate” called “Domains”.

Every “domain” has a unique address called an IP address. Just like almost every property in the world has an address.

Else, how will you ever find or distinguish it? The address is on a server which belongs to someone else (like the government that taxes the land). He is your host, he gets paid a small fee (usually yearly) to do it for you.

There is free hosting available on the Internet but even that comes at a price. With some, you cannot have your own “.com” domain.

With others, they reserve advertising rights on your site. Others that are still small and trying to make it, usually have very poor uptime and useless technical support. You may also find that a lot of scammers and low class Internet flies make use of them.

This can cause virus infections and data theft galore. If you are serious about your business, I’d suggest you don’t waste time with that.


The Best place to buy your piece of “Internet real-estate”

I have had websites hosted on many servers, slow ones, fast ones and dodgy ones.

The Best place to buy your piece of “Internet real-estate” (hereafter called domain) and then host it for you, will be the most reliable, low cost, stable, tested and reputable hosting company.

Now, how easy it is going to be for you to find one, is up to you. You can accept my expertise or start your own search and experiment over the next few years to find it yourself.

My recommendation is WA. These guys know what they’re doing and they are the best at it – not just because I say so. Check them out and you will quickly see what I’m talking about. This website is hosted through them.


What is the value of a domain?

Domain names used to be a big thing in the past when the search engines still valued domain names as the number one ranking feature.

Many potentially popular domain names were grabbed by “get-rich-quick” storm chasers in the hope that they can resell the domain name for mega bucks.

It happened as such for a lot of storm chasers but it all changed drastically in 2012 when Google decided to alter their algorithm and look at content rather than domain names.

The reason for this being quite legit for some people had lousy content with a great domain name, drawing lots of people and the good content websites waned in the distance.

So, this means that your domain name is not important for ranking. It is only important as a business logo or brand.

The better it suits your business, the easier it is to find. There are more detailed info available around choosing a great domain name but instead of re-inventing the wheel, I’ll leave it to you to visit this link if you so choose.

Just sign in free and then search this phrase ” Your Own Domain, Your Brand” which will bring you to a detailed post by Kyle, one of the founders of the WA (Wealthy Affiliate) website and hosting services.

He is one of the top Internet Entrepreneurs – well worth reading.


What software do you use, to create a business website free?

This is a very important question and very easy to answer. I have played around with a lot of DIY web builders.

There are hundreds. I wasted so many hours learning the software, building the site, uploading and tweaking, integrating with the Online Payment Services etc.

Then, one day, after being told quite a few times to check out WordPress, I finally gave in.

I went to check it out and what an awesome system. It took only a few hours to get the hang of it and I built my website in a few days, fully integrated with the Online Payment Services and affiliate links.

It was a dream come true. I gradually moved most my websites over and rebuilt them on the WordPress platform.

There just is no other way I will currently recommend to anyone. What used to take days can now be done in minutes.

For every unrelated thing you want to do, there is a list of “plug-ins” you can choose from. It is just as it says. You plug it in and the functionality is immediately integrated into your website.

Oh, and by the way, most plug-ins are FREE!

No wonder current statistics show that 30% of websites are built in WordPress.

There are logo and button factories online where you can create your logo and buttons for free.

Some website themes on WordPress that you can choose from, already have buttons, post and page layouts for commerce, photography websites, fashion, sport, you name it, it is there.

For more details on this, feel free to create a no-obligation no-credit-card-needed account here and indulge yourself in a knowledge base most people just dream of.  Create a free account.


Where to get help with technical issues

When you create a free login on the Wealthy Affiliate website, I guess 90% (if not 100%) of all the people that joined, use WordPress.

They can assist with almost anything, from ‘how to poach eggs successfully’ to ‘what is a good name for your dog’. Just ask on the forum and you will be amazed at the responses.


What if you don’t have the time

picture of deadline stopwatch

Time is money! If time is too limited for you to do your own free business website, you have a few options. You can go to a company that build websites, but that ain’t free.

You can ask me to do one for you, but that ain’t free either, even though it will be much cheaper than many other companies.

Another benefit if you choose my services, is that you know it will be done in WordPress. So if you would like to add or change something yourself later, it will not be rocket science to do.

I hope you found some real good value from this post to assist you in creating a business website free.

To get all of the answers and assistance in one place, try Wealthy Afilliate for free until you are certain that it is the place for you. Just click an go:

Link to Wealthy Affiliate website

Hope to see you at the top!

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