How can i make money online – without investment?

Jody: “Hey, Gordon, how can I earn money online with no financial investment and no website building skills or experience?”

(If that is what you want to know, keep reading….)

Gordon: “Hi Jody, good to hear from you. So what you are saying is that you’re broke and without any tech savvy?”

Jody: “Yip.”

Gordon: “But you want to make money online?”

Jody: “Yip.”

Gordon: “Don’t you think you’re asking a bit much?”

Jody: “Well, others are making it big and I know you are. Will you share your secret with me?”

Gordon: “Ok Jody, I will. But promise me you won’t go tell my secrets to everyone?”

Jody: “Of course not, Gordon. You know me by know.”

Gordon: (laughing) “If I didn’t, I would not have offered in the first place. Let me tell you how I did it. That way I am speaking for myself and give you the facts of my own experiense which is worth more than telling you what others have done.

I started out with a niche website in 2009. I knew very little about website building and coding. I had to learn basic coding skills before I could start.

Of course, these days, you don’t need to do that anymore. You are very lucky. Wordpress does it all for you. You can just drag and drop! It is a breeze to get a website going within a day or two. When I started out, it was weeks and months of coding and testing.”

Jody: “I am so grateful that I know you, Gordon, else I don’t know who I would have trusted to help me with this venture. I looked at hundreds of fake opportunities on the Internet. I even tried a few that swallowed my last few dollars. I almost gave up, but then I remembered you once talking about Internet marketing and thought I’ll touch base.”

Gordon: “You’re welcome Jody, that’s what friends are for. What I would suggest is that you go and have a good look at the Wealthy Affiliate Review with a link to the site. Sharlee and myself are constantly on their site, assisting others with answers to questions of all kinds. We are TeamIceCream. Click the link, fill in your email address and join us on the inside. It is free for the start. It is filled with the latest training, tips and tricks to get you on your way fast.

You may remember my niche website It used to be a great site until Google did a massive algorithm change in 2011 that gave all the smaller guys a death-blow. I was so discouraged that I left the Internet marketing scene for years until 2017. After reading up about WordPress and giving it a go, I resurrected my old site in no time and then put this one together.

It really is a breeze. If you would like to know more about WordPress, read this post.”

Jody: “Oh, alright, I’ve heard of Wealthy Affiliate before but didn’t trust them. I thought it was just another get-rich-quick scheme that will grab a few dollars off you and kick you out like so many of these so-called affiliate marketing sites do. Good to know that this one is tried and tested. And you say it is free to start?! Wow, just what I am looking for.”

Gordon: “Not so fast, jody, if you want access to all their best stuff, you can expect to pay for it, but even then, I compared prices with many other affiliate sites and nothing comes close. The best is, you can get pretty far without needing the ‘paid-for’ stuff. They give you so much for free, it will surprise you when you see it.”

Jody: “Well Gordon, I am so grateful for all this inside info. I can’t wait to go check it out.”

Gordon: “Wait Jody, I need to give you the downside before you get too excited. There are Seven Secrets that I live by. Without it, you will likely lose interest before you make it. What I found is that you need the team. It is like playing sport. Ever tried playing with a ball alone? It is ok for the first 5 minutes maybe, but one tends to lose interest very quick. However, get a few friends together and you can go for hours.

That is what Wealthy Affiliate is like. A whole lot of like-minded people assiting each other to get to the top. This mom has just earned $113 while away. Here is a link you can look at.

There are guys that earn in the hundreds of thousands a month that you can ask anything you like. Their opinions and experiences are worth gold!

Now to make it real simple, all you have to do is do what they do. It is no rocket science. If you do exactly what they do, you will start earning what they earn. That is as simple as the law of gravity.

Here is a link to Jerry’s post if you’d like to check it for yourself. He has done it right and it took him six months to start earning a decent residual income.

Don’t expect a miracle over-night. Those that live under that wannabe cloud either never wake up or when they wake up, the bus has already left.

Take your time but be persistent. Stick to those Seven Secrets like your life depends on it. That will guarantee your success.

For those that like a challenge, there is the free Vegas trip that is offered yearly by Wealthy Affiliate. Here is the link for more info.

Oh, before I forget, the Seven Super Secrets for Online Success is password protected because I don’t want it to just be available to everyone.

You will need to supply your email address and then I’ll send you the password. I used to do it in PDF format as a download but it is not friendly towards people with mobile phones, so I changed it to a post that you can read online – no download needed.”

Jody: “Of course Gordon, you already have my email address, so no problem. I will check it out tonight as soon as we’re done. Regarding a website, can you give a little more detail on how it works?

Gordon: ” My friend, you can basically have anything on your website. Affiliate marketing is a very wide plain. If you look at some of the most popular websites like and webjet, they all live off affiliate marketing.


How it works is like this.

You put a WordPress website together. Most of the site is pre-made. It is called a ‘theme’. You can choose the best one from hundreds of themes to suit your style and product.

On your website, you start writing a blog. A blog is what you are reading at this moment. It is anything that may interest people.

If you have regular, valuable blog posts, more and more people will visit your site. The better the info, the longer they will stay, which in turn boosts your ranking with the search engines.

It is a vicious circle. That is why only the persistent people ever make it. You earn almost nothing in the first 6 to 12 months, depending on how much work you put in. Then, all of a sudden it starts rolling – just like you saw in that post from Jerry.

If you blog about your niche, as described in the link above regarding niche websites, and you have affiliate links to other websites that sell the products you are blogging about, you earn commission.

The great thing about it is that the customer is not charged a penny extra when buying through your affiliate link. The affiliate commission is a bonus straight from the supplier as a ‘thank you’ for your efforts and also for using some space on your site for adverts.”

Jody: “Hmmm, now that makes sense. Like you say, maybe it is not rocket science after all. I have another question if I may. I hear a lot about KEYWORDS. What exactly is it and where does it fit into the bigger picture?”

Gordon: “Keywords in layman’s terms are merely the words that people type into the Google, Yahoo or Bing search box. If you are looking for a computer, you may search for ‘Online money’. That is the keywords. You can also type ‘How can I make money online’. That is a much beter qualified keyword that will give more precise results. When starting a new website, you need to target good keywords. If there are 1000 websites promoting online money making, chances are that your new website will not rank very high against them.

Site rank algorithm incudes the maturity of the site as well as the contending website’s exact wording. What I mean by that is, if you have a blog post about ‘How can I make money online without investment’, there is a good chance that you can rank better than other sites which only have posts about ‘make money online’.  To know which keywords are best, Wealthy Affiliate has a marvellous little program called Jaxxy

Jaxxy is so easy to use and is one of the greatest tools you can get to boost your ranking and help you get to the top faster. You can have a play with Jaxxy and let me know what you think in the comment area below.

What I didn’t tell you is that Wealthy Affiliate is BIG, I mean real BIG. They have over a million members. That is one quick way to sort through the scammers and the real thing. The scammers will never reach those figures.

They are usually exposed way before they grow that big. The best proof though is to go and check the website for yourself. There is no better way than a test-drive.

Meet the people, read the posts, play around with the different tools and check a few training videos. You’ll have peace of mind after that.

Then there is the question about domain names and hosting. Seeing that you have to get a domain, why not get it at the best price with the best security against hacking and 99.99% uptime? If you are not familiar with all of it, have a look at this post.

I must say, Wealthy Affiliate saves you so much time mucking around. They do the whole shebang all in one place, the training, the support, the hosting, the keyword research, the site ranking stats and heaps of other stuff.

I cannot imagine doing a website again without them. If I take the hours I spent on sourcing all of these separately, you won’t even consider starting this venture.

Here is a list of features you get when joining Wealthy Affiliate:



Jody: “Gordon, this is really great stuff you are sharing with me. I think I have enough detail now to make quite an informed decision.”

Gordon: “My pleasure Jody. You are welcome anytime. I do advise that you get those Seven Secrets. I’d hate to see you fall by the wayside just by missing some important little fact.”

I wish you all the best my friend. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a personal message on the Wealthy Affiliate website or if it is related to anything we have discussed here today, you can use the comment box below. You can even subscribe to the comments and keep up to date with any replies straight to your mailbox.

Hope to hear from you soon and looking forward to catch up on the inside!”

Jody: “Thanks again Gordon. I really don’t know how to repay you for what you have shared with we. If ever you need a favor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I will see you on the inside. Let me just read through that Seven Secrets and then I’ll go check out the Wealthy Affiliate site. Have a great day!”

Gordon: “Any questions, just use the comments area below. Catch you soon!”

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