Free Affiliate Marketing Website

Looking at Affiliate Marketing in general, free Marketing Websites are almost an oxymoron.

When searching for “Free Affiliate Marketing Website”, you will likely find hundreds of sites claiming to be “free”, but are they?

We will look at common sense ways to determine the truth and find the best of them all.

Firstly, this website is about the truth – no beating about the bush. If you’d like to have your senses caressed, this is not the site for you. There are enough websites full of BS.

They promise you the son, moon and stars all for free to lure you, catch you and then rip you off. Once you’ve clicked on “Submit” or “Buy Now”, it is all over. They’ve made their buck.

Some websites give you money back guarantee. That is one step better, but you will find that it is firstly a mission to get your request through to be reimbursed and they will keep you busy with some more sense caressing BS until the date for a refund has passed.

I bet some of you are nodding your heads – I’m certainly not the first nor only one that have gone down that track!.

If you have a nice story to tell, why not write it in the comments below so we can expose, enjoy and learn from it.

Let’s get to the truth of Free Affiliate Marketing.

If there were such a thing, who would’ve done it? To determine if something is legit, ask yourself “Would I have done this?”.

There is this great new scam going around called Crypto Coin Sniper. Listen to this! You buy their software that will guide you in playing the crypto game without losing any money and just coining it from the start.

The first question again: “would I have done it?”. I don’t think so! If I can write a program that can do that, I’ll firstly use it myself to get filthy stinking rich and then, if someone wants it, they will fork out zillions of dollars for it.

These guys sell it at $37. Hahaha LOL. If that does not spell SCAM in capitals for you, all I can say is “get real”.


Determining how to invest in a business

If you have to invest in a business, would you go for:

  1. The Highest risk, possible high yield, possible instant turn-over
  2. Medium risk, medium yield, medium term turn-over
  3. Low risk, low yield, long term turn-over
  4. Lowest risk(almost zero), high yield, medium term turn-over


In category 1, you find things like Crypto Currency trading Binance. The risk is very high. Most people lose lots of money and a few lucky people make everything the others lose. The yield is high for the lucky winners and deadly for the losers.

In category 2 you find buying and selling businesses. You can buy used items and resell for a profit. You cannot be certain what you are going to get for it or how long it is going to take.

You may sell immediately or it can linger for months, even years. You may have to sell at a loss at times to get some money back and try another item.

In category 3 you find retail businesses doing new items and MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). These can be low risk if you go about it the right way, however, there are lots to learn before you can successfully do that.

Many companies go under within their first 7 years of trading, mostly due to inexperience (making the wrong moves at the wrong times).

Certain MLM companies are low risk if they have a good and popular product and your initial “buy-in” is cheap. Also, if you need to buy a certain amount of products per month to stay in the system, the risk gets higher as well as the pressure and stress levels.

You usually end up stockpiling the products until you’re totally overstocked and out-of-pocket (been there, tried that (Golden Products/ Amway/ Newport etc. – lost everything).

In category 4, you find Affiliate Marketing. There are lots of companies with affiliate marketing programs like Amazon etc.

However, what I am talking about is a little different. Typically, Amazon can be placed in cat 3 unless you do with assistance from an affiliate marketing group.

Very few people make it big in the short term doing that kind of affiliate marketing. You have to be a guru at Internet Marketing to get that right by yourself.

Due to this post being for the uninformed, inexperienced people like I was, I will focus on what I did that worked. What I mean when talking about affiliate marketing, is the type of marketing that you do by promoting a niche product.

To get the inside story on what a niche is, have a look at this post. With this type of marketing, if you follow the rules that I will offer later in this post, you are bound to succeed. I am yet to learn of anyone that stuck to the rules and failed.

That brings us to the next paragraph:

Earn money, at home and online

Looking at niche product marketing, we come to the next major question. What would you choose?


Fixed building to work from (monthly rental), staff (and everything that accompanies that). Overheads like computers, printers, desks, chairs, equipped kitchen for lunches, company vehicles, tools (for whatever business you decide on like fork hoists, vehicle hoists, store room equipment), stock, bank loans etc etc etc. I guess you can fill in the blanks by now.


Work at home using only a laptop/desktop. Initial investment:- NOTHING (Unless you are reading this on your mobile and don’t have a laptop :)) . Of course that means NO overheads to add to your existing lifestyle. NO staff needed, just yourself. NO loans. Start for free.


Online job, home, without investment.

To earn money online for free is almost impossible. Again, if you are a guru with lots of friends that have inside info, you can make it, else, what if you could become an almost instant “guru” through the online video training and join with friends that have inside info for a minor financial investment like, say $50/month?

Now I guess you read this sales pitch a hundred times over and are so fed up that you feel like making for the hills. That is why I am not going to give you anymore of that.

You may have been on a hundred sites trying to sell you their products/services and a hundred times you were told WE ARE DIFFERENT just like everybody else.

So, instead of wasting another day and another hour of your time lets us look at the facts of this online home money earning opportunity. There is one sure way for you to find the truth and that is to check it out.

Once you’ve done that and you feel that it is BS, please leave a comment below so that I can look at the problem. If you find my write-up to be true, please leave a comment as well so others can see it and realize that this is the opportunity you’ve been searching for all along.

To check it out, I commend you to explore this review link, see how many members there are and hear what they have to say. There is a Personal Affiliate Blog that you can access after supplying your email address to register.

On that blog, you can read the posts, comments and replies as well as interact with anyone that is a member to get to the bottom of this opportunity. That way you don’t have to take my word for it. By the way, you can find me there too.

I am just another one of the thousands of happy customers they serve every day. Just search for TeamIceCream in the search bar at the top of the page 🙂 .


Oooohhhhh, the scary FEE! Once you have acquainted yourself with the website and the people, you will unavoidably run into the MONTHLY FEE.

Now, before that scares you into oblivion, take a deep breath, then take a good look at the fee of $49. Look at what you get for that fee and what you can earn in a reasonable time from that (let’s say 1 year).

Compare it to your investment in “A” above. If you earn $500 a month in a year, you have recuperated your initial investment of ($49 x 12 =) $588 to date, many times over. What would your initial investment have been to start a little business as in “A” above? $5000, $10000?

Rather, something like $50 000 plus if you really started small in an ancient forgotten, far away, little country town?

Now this may sound harsh but I have to tell you without beating about the bush, if it is still too much for you, you’re either not getting it or you want something that does not exist yet.

By the way, if you find something better, please revisit my website and inform me. I’d love to check it out but won’t hold my breath, for in over 10 years I couldn’t find a better opportunity and neither could another 1.4 million people that eventually joined this opportunity.

It is as close to make money for free as it gets. No wonder it is rated as one of the best home based businesses in 2018.

The next step: How to earn online.

How to earn money with your blog.

One thing I’d like to bring to your attention is blogging. When you do the training, you will learn exactly how to earn money with your blog.

What exactly is blogging?

Blogging is all about writing great and valuable information about your niche so that other people who are looking for information can find it. They will visit your site and read your posts. Every article you write and post on your website is jointly called a blog.

Blogging is one of the most successful and easiest ways to make money online. Especially in the affiliate marketing arena, you will find blogging a breeze.

You can learn it quickly and earn it quickly. By quickly, I don’t mean overnight. There are a few people that started earning within 2 months after joining. That is the exception though.

I would suggest that you set an easier goal for yourself like 6 months or even 1 year unless you are a very disciplined goal chaser. It is do-able!

I chose the 1-year goal because I worked a full time job and only got time on weekends and after dark to invest in my posting career.

The bottom line is, the more blog posts you do with valuable info for your readers, the more you will be loved by the search engines (and your readers :)) (do you love me yet?). I promise to give you my best and aim to give you the most value you ever received for the time spent reading a post!

If you have come this far, you’ve done well. If you follow what has been said and recommended, you WILL reap the benefits just like many others including myself.

Now for the REAL freebies!


Create a Free Business Website

Yes, that’s right, no strings attached. You can create your own website free with WordPress. Before making for the hills again, just keep calm and keep reading.

It is chicken feed to create a business website free. All you need is to take your time, at a leisurely pace (unless you are really hard up to make money quickly), go through the online training.

Some parts may be a little boring here and there if you already know somewhat about building websites or how to get your website on the search engines.

Rest assured you will pick up amazing nuggets of information that you never thought- or heard of before.

WordPress is so easy to use. It will look like spaghetti bolognaise at first glance but this is where the winners and losers part.

A winner will start fiddling and set up a test website on the SiteRubix platform which is included in the Free Membership package. Nothing to lose, nothing you can break that will cost you money to repair.

Withing minutes you will get the hang of it and even start enjoying the simplicity and powerful easy to use “drag and drop” or “click and save” features.

There are more absolutely free website templates to choose from than you can poke a stick at. The worst part of this business is likely to make a choice on which theme to use, what colors, fonts and all the nice stuff.

Soon you will know exactly how to create a good website for your business to make easy money online.

Just remember, there are no get-rich-quick schemes that will sustain you. If you are super lucky you may just be in the right place at the right time and ride a wave – like Bitcoin.

But there was one big wave in the last how many years. Once it’s over, it is over, Dover! I am always only talking about a proper business that will keep going for a long time and keep earning you a monthly income.

This brings us almost full circle to Domain Hosting.

What you need to know about Hosting:


This is a no-brainer, hands-down the most important consideration. If the servers are not super secure, chances are your website is going to get hacked.

It is a matter of time. Believe me, you only need to re-do your website once and you will know exactly what I’m on about. So, make sure that the hosting company has a solid track record regarding hacking.


I guess uptime is another no-brainer. Just like you’re going nowhere when your vehicle has broken down, the hosting server is your website vehicle.

When they’re down, you’re not earning a cent and possibly losing big dollar due to potential visitors not being able to access your site. 404 is after all not only a Peugeot, it is also a “Site Down” error, likely due to a dead or dodgy server. Ever seen that before? Very annoying.


Price is important but should not be a very big consideration when you’re planning to do real business online. Of course, you should check the prices so that you don’t get ripped off.

A good way to go about it is to first sign up for the minimum time possible, let’s say 6 months or so. That way you can make sure they live up to their promises before going in for the long term.


Many hosting companies have weird or too restrictive limitations. Make sure you have a look at the list so that you don’t run into a tight spot when your website gets too big or your visitors get too many for them to handle.

It can cost you dearly in the end. No limitations can also be an issue. If you join a hosting company with no limitations, you may find your website is surrounded by hackers, gamers sites that make use of the same host.

It is much easier for a hacker/spammer to get into your website when they are already sharing the same server.

It may be hard to determine if a hosting company is hacker/ spammer free for most of its life but it is possible. I will place a link at the bottom to the details of the company I consider to be the best.


Some hosting companies supply all kinds of extras like free site backups, web development tools, keyword and other SEO (Search Engine Optimization (ranking)) tools, free sub-domains and cheap domain name options.

There are hosting companies that offer different types of extras that may interest you. For details, see the options list of the Wealthy Affiliate hosting company 🙂


Do some research on the popularity of the company. Are they recommended by many business oriented people? Do they cater well for the new online money earning entrepreneurs?

These are all important questions to ask. Are people happy with their service and all the other features already discussed?


Find out if the hosting company has been around for a few years at least. If they started out only 6 months ago, they likely have a lot to learn themselves and I guess you don’t want to be a guinea pig.

Beware, they may have very good pricing as a lure to get a quick market share for their startup!


Is the owners contactable?

If not, do your research well regarding popularity and get feedback or reviews from existing customers.

Are there any hidden costs?

Most hosting companies do up selling. That means once you have joined, you realize some limitations. To get past these, you may have to pay for “full access”.

There is nothing wrong with that as long as the company is up front about it and not surprising you after sign-up.

Is there a free trial to test the site and features?

Free trials can be a great way to get the answer firsthand to all the questions you may have as well as the ones listed in this article.

Just prepare yourself well before the free trial period so that it does not run out before you realize what to look for and what to ask.

That is where this post can come in very handy. You can keep it as a reference while you go through the free trial period and make sure you checked out everything.

These questions are of vital importance if you are planning to go into internet marketing or online business for the long term.

There is nothing so annoying as moving your business website to another hosting company after a few years. It wastes very valuable time and can cause numerous hiccups with your websites.


What is site support like? Easy to contact, quick to respond?

An easy way to find out is when you do a free trial and you can talk / interact with the people that are using the hosting company.

A few hosting companies have forums where you can get the inside information in real time.


Having been in your shoes many moons ago, I learned from my mistakes and can hopefully be of value to you, the reader, by giving you this information before your big decision.

One thing I am not going to do, is to try and get you to join the hosting company I joined.

What I will do though, is give you a link to the hosting company information as shown below so that you can compare it yourself to every other company you would like to investigate.

That way, you can make a proper informed decision and who knows, maybe there is another company that will suit you better for your exact business.

WA Features1





Well, that is it from me. I thank you for your time spent on my website and invite you to leave a comment, even just where you are from.

Then go to this review page from where you can make an informed decision on your future online.

I hope to hear from you again soon with some feedback on how you are progressing. GOOD LUCK!






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