Can I make money online

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Can I make money online

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Who can not make money online? Everyone can, even you!

Ask yourself,”will I make money online?” The answer is YES, IF you do exactly as I say in this post. It really is that simple.


I will dive right in – no time to waste with smooth talk.


Ask yourself a few more questions:

What do I need to make money online?

A laptop or iPad or something with which you can go online to read and write.

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Ask yourself

Can I read?

If your answer is YES, you’re halfway there.

Can I write?

If your answer is YES again, you’ve got all you need physically.

Can I follow a few rules for 6 months?

If you answer YES again, you have made it!

The rest is up to you to follow the steps as outlined below.


Let’s go

Step 1. Get yourself an appropriate website name.

For how to choose a website name and where/how to get it, click here:

Step 2. Once that is done, set up your website with WordPress. It is by far the easiest and quickest way. No HTML knowledge needed.

For how to set up your WordPress website, click here:

Step3. Once that is done, you need to start posting.

What is posting

Posting means you write posts, like this one you are reading right here. You then put in on your website, just like this one.

4. Once that is done, you need to keep posting because that is never DONE for the following reason: The more you want to earn the better you need to rank in the search engines. The more good and relevant content you post, the better your site will rank.

There are a lot of tips and legitimate tricks you can do to get your site to rank quicker and higher.

These tips are discussed in detail on the Wealthy Affiliate website.

Once that is done, you will start making money and no more need to ask “Can I make money online”.

Now you will need to just hang in there and do your bit every day. Do not give up! It really is that simple. Most people that do not know how to to make money online think it is rocket science.

Look at it in this way: Will you work for free? I guess the answer is NO. Will you work for free for Richard Branson or Joe Vitale? Well, if your answer is still NO, I guess you have some head-work to do first before considering making money online. However, if your answer is YES, I guess your reason is because of what you can learn from those guys in that time. Making money online is no different. Why not work for free for yourself with TeamIceCream and many others and learn from the Affiliate Marketing gurus until you can no longer stop the money coming in.

There are many ways to make money online. However, there are not many good or easy ways to make money online.

The fast and certain way is the proven legitimate way. To get there faster, you can join a community that will assist you in your project. Again, there are many communities but not many good ones. To have a great community to look after you and carry you through the rough patches, this one is proven:

Not left in a maze like other sites tend to do

You will find that I did not leave you with a lot of choices like listing 10 communities and let you go through each one and try figure which is best.

That would have been useless information – basically like telling you to go and find the answers yourself. So many websites give you a lot of information that confuse you even more.

That is why I tend to give the answers to you straight. That is what you came here for, isn’t it?



I gave you no choices for one reason. I have already done all the dirty work

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Helping hand

and sussed it all out. You are just getting the best of the best. No excuses of “I cannot make money online” So, now come along, click the purple button, do your bit and earn yourself some dollar.

By the way, if you found some value from my post, please leave a comment below. Questions are welcome too.

See you at the top.


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