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Domain names used to be very important for ranking purposes but since 2012 when Google changed their algorithm, they don’t care about domain names any longer.

What counts now is value content. That is why I don’t waste time with lots of sweet talk.The domain name still counts to your customers. The better it fits the product, the easier to remember.

To search available names, register your email address by clicking the link below and you can access the built-in search engine. Most domain names go for $13.99 a year – what a laugh!

Best website domain hosting

A very common and good question to ask now is: Where do I find the best website domain hosting. This is important because security is the number one consideration and uptime number two.

To save you hours of searching, reading and scratching for days on end,  I have done the dirty work over a span of many years.

You have the best answer at your fingertips, or rather at the click of your mouse on the button below. These guys went so far as to do all their software for their servers in-house.

This is no Mickey Mouse company. They have the best security, support and uptime that you can dream of. The secret is, they don’t just host your domain, they host their own domains.

So they look after you, the customer, better than they look after themselves.

Simply click here and your search is over.:

See you at the top!


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