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Being well acquainted with the Internet, myself and my wife were looking to start an on-line business. (Most likely the very reason why you are reading this?).

Anyway, I was working a full-time slave job. Somehow we managed to put a website together. I would work at it in the evenings and while I was at work during the daytime, my wife was scouring the affiliate and Internet marketing websites for answers and opportunities.

What a revelation – as you probably also found, it seemed like 999 in 1000 websites were trying to take you for a ride. If that is not your experience too, I’ll be surprised.

At a stage there were some software and system changes on-line which killed our little stream of income. We put in a lot of effort to get it going again but it was just too complicated. We were so discouraged that we dropped the idea for some years. But we never forgot that little website we put together that trickled in $600 by the time it died. It’s not a lot, but better than nothing. Through that trial, we learned a big lesson: It is possible!

My wife tried a few on-line marketing courses over the following 5 years and got to know lots of the scammers and also the genuine marketers in the on-line world. That is how we finally found the 1-in-a-million website that just sent us on our way. We revamped the old little website and built a few more.

That is what this website is all about. We have been there and done that.

If you are reading this, consider yourself very fortunate. I would have given my front teeth ten years ago for finding exactly what I am divulging in my posts.

Please note, there are no “get rich quick” schemes without EXTREME RISK. Bitcoin was one of them, but it looks like it is all over  now. At this stage it is so dicey, only the already rich people can really take the chance. The saying, “don’t invest that which you cannot afford to lose”, is so true.

What you will find in my posts, is an honest and true way of making much more than $600 in a much shorter time than it originally took me. I will introduce you to all the resources and help that you need to make it real big. There are no limits and the best thing is, an almost negligible risk (leave the credit card in the wallet).

Just indulge yourself in the posts and get your website up and running with the least effort and great backup from a team of people like yourself – of which some are already earning good dollar within 6 months to 1 year. It is a community where we all help each other to reach the top. Some are there already and the rest are on the way. So there is always someone ready to assist with an answer to your questions.

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, rest assured that you will fit in. To make it even easier, you can trial it for free. By the way, when I say FREE, I mean FREE.  Welcome and hope to see you join the community soon.

Yours sincerely





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